Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nothing But A Miracle

Have you ever had an experience or an event that when you look back on it you can see the fingerprints of God all over it? I have, many times. On Tuesday we had another one. How do I know? I'm actually writing this!

You see, on Tuesday morning I was delivering a specialized demolition tool to a job. It runs on 480 volts of electricity that we get from a tow-behind generator. After we got the machine inside the building I went out to check something on the generator. When I attempted to open the door on the generator, I was hit with the voltage that was running the machine. It was only for a couple of seconds, which is part of the miracle, but it was 480 volts that went through my left hand and out my right foot. God had His hand on me.

You see when you get electrocuted your muscles contract. If the voltage and amperage is high enough it can cause fingers to grasp what is giving the shock and keep you from letting go. It so happens that the generator we have has latches that do not require any type of finger grasp to open them. All you do is pull and it opens. So when I attempted to open the door the muscles needed to do so contracted under the shock and actually  pulled my hand away from the generator disconnecting me from the shock. Had I needed to grasp something to open it I would have been stuck there until someone else saw me.

I also walked away. Yes, I walked away! Matter of fact I went on adrenaline and notified the operator of the machine that something was wrong grabbed a wooden broom handle and opened and shut off the generator. It was nearly half an hour before I felt the after-effects of the shock. It was the tremendous aching of my left arm and the tingling sensations in my fingers, toes, and chin that sent me to the clinic. The clinic was very terse with me and sent me on my way. But later, after a nap, feeling a bit worse, and some urging from those who are knowledgeable, we went to the hospital. After six more hours and multiple tests they determined that I was okay and there didn't appear to be any permanent damage. The soreness in my arm and the tingling have subsided but I'm still struggling with nausea, exhaustion, and headaches. But I think I'd rather have these minor complications than consider the other options.

The thoughts that I received a voltage high enough to kill me, that it only lasted a few seconds, and that I walked away from it tell me that God intervened. And for that I thank Him and Praise Him.
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  1. AMEN to that!! Praise God Almighty for His goodness and faithfulness!!

  2. I too am very thankful that He kept my cousin safe. I'm glad to see that you were able to post this message letting us know.

  3. Wow, God was watching over you, for sure. Thanks for sharing your miracle.

    God Bless.

  4. Proof that miracles still happen today. One time I was camping and my mother at home felt an urgency to pray for me. I woke up and sat up just before a pick up truck crashed into my tent. If I'd been laying down my skull would have been crushed.

  5. Amazing! Praise God you are safe.