Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Hawaiian Cheese Ball

We celebrated another "national day." This time, it was in honor of the tasty cheese ball.  Cheese balls, the crunchy ones not the creamy kind, always make me think of Zac. He has been obsessed with them ever since his very first bite. He would yell at anyone who ate one, anyone who even looked at his precious cheese balls. Yeah, he kinda likes them.

I love this picture taken of him at 14 months old. It really shows the love relationship. He carried that tub all over the house. All the time.

I'm sure he would have been thrilled if we would have made his beloved snack for National Cheese Ball Day, but alas, we made the creamy kind.

I searched Pinterest for a recipe. I perused allrecipes. I looked through many Swagbuck searches. I could not find a single recipe that I wanted to make. So, what did I do? Created my own, of course.

I could show you the step-by-step process in pictures, but it's really not all that exciting. Throw everything in a bowl, mix it up, chill, devour.

Not only is it super simple to make, it's really yummy, too! Alyssa said it was sparkle-doodley-licious, so you know it has to be good! I bet bacon would be really delicious in this too, but unfortunately we didn't have any. I didn't add any crunch to the outside of the ball since my family isn't crazy about nuts in recipes, but feel free to add them if you choose.

Next time you need an appetizer or just want to celebrate the cheese ball, try this recipe.

Hawaiian Cheese Ball
1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese
1/2 c cheddar cheese (I used sharp cheddar.)
1/3 c chopped ham
1/3 c crushed pineapple (drained)
2 Tbsp grated onion
1 Tbsp teriyaki sauce (You could substitute soy or worcestershire.)
pinch of pepper
1 cup crushed pecans (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mixing well. Chill in refrigerator. Form a ball and roll in crushed pecans, if desired. Serve with crackers.

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  1. ohhhhh what if you rolled it in finely chopped bacon!!!! just it sounds wonderful! If only there was a dairy free version! lol

  2. Oooh, Ann, I love you! What a great idea! :)