Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make It Monday: Painted Flower Pots

My mom faithfully reads my blog (love you, Mom!), so I couldn't share our Mother's Day craft before the gifts were given. This year, Jake and Alyssa painted flower pots to give to their grandma and great-grandma. What woman doesn't love flowers? Add a personalized pot, and you have a special gift to cherish forever.

We chose terracotta pots and acrylic paint, but you can use any sort of pot (ceramic, plastic, glass) and any paint (tempera, enamel, oil.) If you choose a washable paint, you might want to coat it with varnish or a clear acrylic spray to protect the artwork, especially if you plan to keep the pot outdoors.
 Once the paint dried, I hot-glued a strip of ribbon around the top.

The pots turned out so pretty! I wish I took pictures of all the sides. (Do cylinder pots have sides???) The kids put so much thought and effort into painting different things all around. They were so meticulous that they spent nearly an hour trying to make them special.

 Now I'm sad that I don't have any one-of-a-kind pots at my house! I'm definitely picking up some more next time I'm at the store. These unique pots will be the perfect compliment to my flowers.

What did you do for Mother's Day this year? Do you craft up something special? 

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  1. So cute! What a great idea. I am pinning this one!

  2. My mom is an avid gardener, so this may be our present next year. This year she was moving to a new state and so all she got was a gift card.

  3. Those turned out so cute! What a great idea!

  4. What great gifts! My Mom reads my blog, too.

  5. There are so many ways to create a gift with that special personal touch and it looks like you found a good one!