Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theory Thursday: Rain in a Jar

Some experiments are fun to do. Some are even more fun once the planned experiment is over.

This one falls into the second category.

I first saw pictures of this experiment on Pinterest (though the picture didn't lead to a link to credit) and knew that I'd have to do it with the kids. Then, last week they were asking me how it rains. When Thursday rolled around again . . . and it was raining outside. . . I knew exactly what to do.

Make it rain inside too!

All you need is a jar of water, shaving cream, food coloring + water, and something to squirt (eye dropper, syringe, pipette, etc.)

Spray the shaving cream in the jar to resemble clouds.

Get some of the colored water.

And squirt it on the shaving cream clouds.

You could also drip food coloring straight from the bottle directly on the cream, but
1) I didn't trust my kids with the food coloring, and
2) This way they got to play more without using too much coloring.

Once the "clouds" are filled with water . . .

It starts to rain!

Continue having fun filling your clouds and making them pour rain.

Try adding other colors to really make it storm!

This visual was a good way to explain the process of rain. The kids thought it was really cool and had fun.

But wait. There's more!

After our downpour, we dumped the colored foamy water into a bowl.

And added more shaving cream, of course.

And spoons.

And paper towels.

And made a mess.

Or two.

Or too many to count.

They squished and stirred. Smashed and squeezed. Splashed and sploshed. 

They played and experimented for nearly an hour.

Zac's favorite part was smacking his hands together and splattering the kitchen with bits of shaving cream. I had speckles on the walls, on the chairs, in between the window blinds, and covering the children.

I finally called it quits when they got too rowdy and tipped the bowl, spilling the concoction on the floor for the third time.

I placed the bowl in the sink and sent the kids to prepare for bed. As I was cleaning up the mess on the table, I noticed Zac.

The little stinker carried the step stool to the sink and continued with his experiment. I think he may have been having a good time.

Sure, making it rain in the jar was fun.

But  experimenting and creating by following their own imaginations was even more exciting.

And messy.

But mostly exciting.

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  1. They'll probably all be amazing scientists someday, thanks to a very patient mommy who instilled a love of learning! :)

  2. Looks like they had a great time. I love the little guy playing with it in the sink. Too cute.
    I have to say, I don't remember seeing this rain experiment before. We will just have to try this when we get to a weather unit again. Thanks for sharing this post on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style