Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make It Monday: Yo-Yo Balloons

Have you ever played with a yo-yo balloon? I remember playing with them as a child. They were really popular at craft shows and art fairs as a fundraiser. My kids got some last year at my nieces Christmas concert and absolutely loved them. We made some ourselves in honor or National Yo-Yo Day. They're so easy to make and so much fun to play with.

 Grab some water balloons and rubber bands.

Fill a balloon with water until it's about the size of a golf ball.

Blow it up with air until it's the size of a pear (or orange, if your balloons are rounder than ours) and tie it closed.

 Cut a rubber band and tie a loop in one end.

Tie the other end of the rubber band to the neck of the balloon.

Don't be alarmed if your balloons and rubber bands change colors. It's all just part of the magic.

 Now you're all set to play!

I laugh every time I watch this.

Just like any water balloon, these can pop - especially if you smack them on the ground!

Have fun!!!

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