Sunday, July 15, 2012

Professor B Math

Professor B Math is an online program to help anyone become an "Instant Master Teacher" of math. This is not a drill and practice program, but rather one in which you actually teach mathematical operations.

From their website:
Our program, "Mathematics Power Learning," have thoroughly structured the content of arithmetic as a developmental, contextual flow (like a story). This allows children's minds to assimilate its content more quickly (in the same natural way they assimilate stories rapidly) without any gaps in their knowledge.
By activating children's mental computers for maximum efficiency in the learning and retention of mathematics, we eliminate remediation and rote learning.

The lessons are designed to be an online tutor of sorts. You sit down with your child and complete the lessons together. This is not a turn-it-on-and-walk-away type of curriculum. The lessons are like a slide show that you click through at your own pace. And they're silent. There's no talking, no music no beeping, no anything. I thought something was wrong with my sound on the computer at first. The complete lack of sound took some getting used to (especially since there is often a speech bubble coming from the tutor bee's mouth on the screen and you're expecting it to talk.) We got passed that though and concentrated on the math.

I've said before that my 6-year-old loves the computer. He loves playing games. He loves earning virtual rewards. He loves the fun characters. There is none of that with Professor B. Just straightforward learning. And that's not necessarily a bad thing! Once I got him out of fun-computer-learning mode and into bare-bones-learning mode, we did much better.

Pre-K though 2nd graders and remediation of older learners. Introduction to Addition/Subtraction Facts - Counting to One Hundred - Lower Addition and Subtraction - Higher Addition and Subtraction - Place Value Fractional Parts & Order - Time - Money
3rd grade through 5th grade and remediation of older learners. Multiplication/Division Facts and Problem Solving - Introduction to Fractions - Fractional Equivalence - Addition and Subtraction Fractions
6th through 8th grades and remediation of older learners. Multiplication/Division of Fractions - Decimals - Percents

We worked on various skills on level 1. Some of the lessons felt a little long since you have to wait for the animation to finish before you can complete the pages. I did like personally teaching my son, instead of letting a program do it, but this format was very time-consuming, especially with 4 children.  Also, it does not track what concepts you've done. Each day I'd have to click through the links to take me to where we left off.

It's a very thorough program that I'd like to continue using as a supplement, but won't be using as our main curriculum. 

There are different pricing options on their website, but to get the best deal - $100 for 3 year's access to one level - call (678)765-6655 or email at You can also see sample lessons here.

Don't just take my opinion though. Go check out more reviews of Professor B on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.

* Disclaimer: I was given a subscription in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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