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Homeschool Buyers Co-op Review

Are you wanting an easy way to keep your life organized? A way to keep track of homeschooling, housework, activities, and appointments? Or how about a central location for tracking grades, reports, and records? You can have all this and more with a subscription to Homeschool Planet through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world's largest buyers club for homeschool families. They are a family-owned and -operated business that is dedicated to supplying quality curriculum at the lowest price. By joining the co-op for free, you can purchase an individual product with thousands of other homeschools and take advantage of the lower cost of purchasing in bulk. They offer great deals, great products, free resources, and a rewards program.     

Homeschool Planet was my first experience using the co-op. Joining the membership was easy and took only a few minutes. I feel confident knowing that they won't sell my information or send me unwanted emails. Within minutes of making my "purchase," I had access to the product and was able to delve into setting up my planner.

Adding accounts for each family member was simple. I was even able to upload and crop pictures, so I can see those cute faces of my little ones every time I open the planner. I admit though, after the family portion was complete, I was a little overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of valuable tutorials to make the process smoother, but there is just so much you can do with this planner!

  • The calendar view lets you see anybody's or everybody's calendar on the screen.
  • The planner view shows a simple list of all the tasks and when they need to be completed.
  • The resource view allows you to look at any books, DVD, websites, or the like that are needed for lessons.
  • Separate logins can be created so kids can view their assignments and chores and check them off as completed.
  • The Daily Digest email can be sent to everyone with their personal schedule for the day. 
  • Emails and text messages can be sent as reminders.
  • Lesson plans can be created with assignments, web links, notes, and more.
  • Shopping lists for individual stores can be kept and either emailed or texted for convenience.
  • Multiple widgets are supplied for to-do lists, daily Bible verse, daily quote, weather, messages, and more.
  • A mobile version lets you view and edit on smartphones and tablets.
  • Calendar sharing allows you to link your calendar with your spouse's online calendar.

So what does all that mean? Homeschool Planet has a way to organize and track everything for both your home and your homeschool. I've been using it for the past several weeks, and I'm still finding new options and ways to make my life simpler. I've always been a big I-need-a-physical-planner-that-I-can-write-in-and-hold-in-my-hands girl, but this one is making me truly appreciate the power of a digital planner. I'm keeping track of church activities, doctor appointments, birthdays, vacations, blog deadlines, and more written in specific colors, just like my physical paper planner. I can quickly flip through the months to see what's in the future, just like my physical paper. And since I have the option to print the week or month schedule, I can mark things off, just like my physical paper planner.

But the ways in which this version is different?  I can input assignments once and tell it to add it to "every day of the week" or "every Monday" or "every first Wednesday of the month" or any other option you might need. I can type in every every assignment the kids need to complete daily, but choose to hide it from my view so the calendar isn't cluttered. I can print individual calendars for my kids so they can easily see what schoolwork and chores need to be completed each day of the week, without my having to handwrite it all daily. If something doesn't get completed, I can quickly reassign it to a different day. Or time. Or just simply delete it without having unsightly scribble marks on my page.

There are too many features--and options to customize those features--than I can describe here without writing a novel. Pretty much, if you want to do it, this planner will let you. I highly suggest giving this planner a try. I'm thankful to have it.

You can get a FREE 3 month subscription to Homeschool Planet, if you sign up by Friday, July 17. This planner is a useful resource, so I suggest you take advantage of this offer.

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