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Koru Naturals Review

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I get all sorts of great curriculum and learning products for the kids. We've gotten online subscriptions, physical books, CDs, DVDs, games, and so much more. Every now and then I get something just for me. The latest products for review, Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil Facial CleanserManuka Honey, Tamarind and Manuka Oil Facial Toner; Skin Clear Cream; and Manuka Honey Propolis Soap from Koru Naturals fall into that "something for me" category. 

I've always been a "products" girl. Multiple lotions, dozens of makeup colors, choices of shampoo--different options to match how I felt. I had products for any issue or desire. And while I grew up using homeopathic remedies for illnesses and overall health, my beauty care choices weren't so natural. That is until several years ago. I remember the day, as I shooed my toddler away from the bathroom I was cleaning, I realized that if it was harmful for my little ones to inhale the fumes from the popular commercial cleaners, then it was harmful for me to as well. Since that day, I've worked to switch our home and beauty products to ones that are natural.

I never had an issue with acne when I was a teenager. No, my skin decided to wait until I was in college. I wouldn't say that it ever got bad, per se, but any blemishes seemed monumental in my mind. I could usually cover the imperfections with makeup, but I was frustrated with having to do so. I never left the house without at least a little foundation to even my complexion. Then, a couple years ago, I started washing my face using the Oil Cleansing Method. I saw an improvement in my skin immediately! My skin cleared up completely and I felt comfortable with a naked face. Even the hormones of my most recent pregnancy couldn't compete with OCM. And then, the baby was born. Within 2-3 months, my skin started breaking out again. No matter what I tried, I couldn't find anything to stop the breakouts. I know the issues are hormone related, but I'm not willing to ween my little one just so I feel comfortable without a little makeup. (You may be thinking that I'm vain to be worried about such things. To each his own.) I was eager to try this line of skin care from Koru Naturals, in hopes of getting my skin clear once again. 

The Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil Facial Cleanser provides a deep cleansing while protecting delicate skin. It's made with aloe juice, lavender, manuka honey (known for its antibacterial and acne-fighting properties), and manuka oil and doesn't contain any parabens or artificial colors. The cleanser is very thin and doesn't suds much.

The Manuka Honey, Tamarind and Manuka Oil Facial Toner compliments the cleanser. It's to be used after you wash your skin and before you moisturize it. Like the cleanser, it also comes with a pump lid, making it easy to squirt the toner onto a cotton ball to apply. It's designed for acneic, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. The ingredients list includes manuka honey, manuka oil, aloe, vitamin A, tamarind (proven to heal inflammation and promote healthy skin), chamomile and green tea.

The Skin Clear Cream completes the manuka skin care. This 20th anniversary edition contains the same well-loved ingredients, but offers an even more advanced formula to clear your skin. This thick cream contains manuka honey and oil, kawakawa and harakeke (used to treat many skin conditions), burdock root (rich in minerals), thyme (anti-inflammatory and a natural astringent), and other beneficial ingredients. The tin comes with a plastic lid with a slot to hold an application tool. This protects the cream from spilling and from contamination. The cream has a lovely lemongrass scent and silky feel. It tends to make my skin oily if I use more than a smidgen.

Within a week of using these three products, I noticed an improvement in my skin. The following week brought another breakout. The week after was clear again. My skin has followed this pattern since starting this routine. While I can't say that this was the miracle cure I was hoping for, I am enjoying using it and knowing that it's beneficial for my skin.   

The Manuka Honey Propolis Soap is made with ingredients that are known for their powerful moisturizing benefits and skin-protecting properties. This pretty, octagonal soap is two-toned, the rich yellow on top and the creamy white on bottom. It lathers nicely and feels silky on the skin. The whole family has been using this soap. So far, I have not noticed a difference in our skin. That can be taken as a good thing because it works just as well as our previous soaps or as a bad thing because there was no additional moisturizing. I personally prefer to believe that it's good for many reasons: made with natural ingredients, beneficial for the skin, and works well.   

These products, and all the products from Koru Naturals, are made from pure, natural ingredients and can be used with all ages. Not only do I like that these are made with top-quality ingredients, but I love that they do what they claim to do in healing and enhancing the body. I would definitely purchase from this company in the future.

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