Sunday, December 27, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 12/4/15

Jake (10), Alyssa (7½), Zac (6), Tyler (3½), Nicholas (11 months)

This is the week Jake turned 10 years old, he set a new record for solving his Rubik's Cube (41 seconds!), and the two of us spent a date day together. Lots of reasons to Smile.

1. Me: "What time is it?"
Jake: "Fifty-two til seven."
Me: "6:08?"
Jake: "Yeah."

2. Tyler: "I keep hiccing-up."

4. Me, to Nicholas: "Did you thank Alyssa for sharing her food with you?"
{Nicholas smiles}
Alyssa: "A smile is good enough for me."

5. Me: "What do you think? Turkey with chipotle peppers or turkey andouille?"
Jake: Chipotle! I love ice cream."
Me, confused: "Ice cream?"
Jake: "Oh, yeah, it's coffee."
Me, even more confused: "Coffee?"
Jake: "Well, then, what is chipotle?"

6. Jake, laughing: "There's something on the couch."
Me: "On the couch?"
Alyssa, yelling from the other room: "There's a potato on the couch!"
Jake: "It's a couch potato!"


8. Alyssa: "I promised myself that I would never go down to the basement at night or in the morning."
Zac: "I say that to myself also!"

9. Jake: "Is Nick more your baby than Dad's baby?"
Tyler, yelling from the other room: "No, he's my baby!"

 What made you Smile this week?

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