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With 5 kids in the family, it's pretty common to have to share things. That's why the kids get excited when they gets things--even review things--all to themselves. My kindergartner was the lucky recipient this time with a one-year subscription of the MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs

MaxScholar is a "comprehensive, multi-sensory, reading and language-based program. Their research-based methods their language and reading skills. My favorite thing to teach is reading. I love watching the realization that the sounds together form words, seeing little faces light up and they read their first words, experiencing the excitement as the words are understood as sentences, understanding how foundational reading is. Years ago, I taught first grade in our Christian school. I got to help those students through the steps. Now, I get to help my own precious ones. Don't get me wrong, just because I love it doesn't mean that it's easy. Teaching little ones to read can be challenging. A lot of homeschoolers are nervous about that responsibility. In fact, I was talking to a friend today who is preparing to teach her daughter to read in the coming months. She's feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you too are feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to help your child with reading or comprehension, MaxScholar might just be what you need.


We've been using the MaxGuru portion of the site. It includes the following:

  • MaxPhonics--This section uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics that is ideal for ages 5-7. The student can focus on individual letters, blends, or digraphs. There are videos to demonstrate correct pronunciation, drill exercises to strengthen skills, and games for reinforcement. 
  • MaxReading--This portion cam be summed up as highlight, outline, and summarize and focuses on learning to read. The 13 levels of difficulty each contain several multi-chapter books. Your student can use an electronic highlighter to identify important parts of the text and learn to outline and summarize each chapter. Comprehension questions help with retention.   
  • MaxWords--This part helps the student to learn to build words: roots and more. Learning word parts helps to build vocabulary and improves both spelling and reading. My dad taught me the skill of combining prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin root words. Using this method, MaxWords teaches the student to increase his vocabulary by 16,000 words.    
  • MaxMusic--Sometimes you have to use whatever your child responds to to teach him. This section uses music and games to teach reading. The piano game and more also help memory, recognition, and auditory skills. 
  • MaxVocab--This is the complementary dictionary for the site. It teaches thousands of words and definitions with interactive games.
  • MaxPlaces--This is a great way to learn geography. The student can choose from 51 places on a world map. He learns fascinating things through a short passage and then answers multiple choice questions to check reading comprehension.
  • MaxBios--This portion introduces students to famous people from around the world through biographies. It uses a timeline format which teaches chronological ordering skills.

 There is really so much on this site. It was created specifically to help those with Dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, processing problems, and those struggling to read. No one in our home deals with those issues, but MaxScholar can be beneficial to anyone. Since we're in the summer months and on a light school schedule, I let my kindergartner to choose how he used the program. Since I was also given a parent account, I can login and see exactly what he's been doing. The reports show me where he's been studying and how well he's doing.Not surprisingly, his favorites are the games. He spends much of his time in the MaxPhonics portion playing memory, word builder, and space rhyming. I always say that little one's learn best through play. Because he's an advanced reader, I don't mind him spending the majority of the time playing games for learning. He has ventured into the other sections as well, but the phonics is a favorite. 

If you have a student who struggles with reading, is learning to read, or just needs some practice, MaxScholar could be a great option for you. Its multi-sensory approach to reading will appeal to all learning styles.

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