Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brinkman Adventures

We review all sorts of resources and manipulatives for school. I believe in having many options to keep my little ones learning. But our foundation, the basis of our education is literature. Whether it's fun picture books or engaging fiction or historical biographies, you can be sure there is a fair amount being read in our home every day. While I do believe in the importance of the written word, there are times when it's not feasible to sit down and read a novel. It's times like these that we love to turn on an audio book.

Brinkman Adventures has combined two of our favorite things--audio books and missionary stories--to make a truly entertaining and educational production. My kids fell in love with these stories while listening to season 3 and were thrilled to receive Brinkman Adventures Season 4.

The Brinkman Adventures is an audio drama series and radio show. It's not like a typical audio book that we utilize often as it is not converted from a book, but the episodes weave true missionary stories into the family's adventures to make it a hybrid of sorts. Though the Brinkmans are a fictional family, they are based on and voiced by Ian and Amy Bultman and their 10 children. The drama follows the family across the globe as they confront a witch doctor, "smuggle translated Bibles past guards," ride a flying machine, eat caterpillars, get locked out of the house by a robot, witness to many, and experience heartache and joy. You'll find all this in Season 4:
  • Episode 37: A Paradise Lost
  • Episode 38: Remember Nhu
  • Episode 39: Aisha's Fear
  • Episode 40: Heart Song
  • Episode 41: The Crashed Kitchen
  • Episode 42: Crisis in the Congo
  • Episode 43: The Mysterious Palm Feller
  • Episode 44: War of the Raccoons
  • Episode 45: The Five Guys
  • Episode 46: Toughest Man
  • Episode 47: Cambodian Quest
  • Episode 48: What Brings Us Together
You can take the learning to a deeper level past simply listening to the series. There is an entire section on their site that is filled with the stories behind the stories. You can learn more about the tactics villagers used to kill animals (and the downfalls of them), the power of hippos, how many homes around the world for children who are at risk of being sold as slaves, how forgiveness can win over those who are trying to sabotage you, how one man was able to stay faithful in the midst of extreme persecution, and what really happened the day of the wedding. There is also a ton more information about the real events and how the writers used things in their own lives for inspiration. There are many pictures and videos that enhance the learning, as well. I, personally, have spent much time soaking up these missionary stories.  

They recently came out with curriculum to inspire the next generation of missionaries. It includes a teacher's manual, a CD of season 1, a classroom version of the CD with highlights of the stories, and a resource CD with all the printables for the lessons. 

We've listened to this audio drama driving in the van and for downtime in the house. Immediately, everyone gets quiet so they don't miss anything. The kids were amazed when the Russian officer died after the elderly woman's prophecy and especially enjoyed the story about the king who lost his finger. These amazing accounts are entertaining, for sure, but what makes them even more inspiring is that they are based on modern-day missionary heroes.

The Brinkman Adventures has been a big hit with the whole family. I appreciate that the kids are entertained with wholesome stories, but even more than that, I love that they're learning that there are still true heroes in the world, that God is still using regular people to change the hearts of a sinful world.

You can connect with Brinkman Adventures on their website and Facebook

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