Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Things That Make Me Smile 2/23/18

Jake (12), Alyssa (9 1/2), Zac (8), Tyler (5 1/2), Nicholas (3)

We have been SO busy the last couple of months. It's a good busy though, making new memories and Smiling a lot. Because of it though, I am quite a bit behind with my lists. 

This week we went to Missouri for a vacation with my parents. So much fun! We met my uncle and aunt at a pizza place and arcade, experimented at the science center in Springfield, released butterflies and held lizards at the Butterfly Palace, did some geocaching, ate at Lambert's Cafe, played lots of games during the rainy weather, and more. We had such a fantastic time as a family. Here are a few more of our Smiles.   

1. Alyssa: "That's crazier than meatball pie!"

2. Nicholas, watching Alyssa paper quill: "It's magic!"

3. Nicholas, wanting a light on: "Daddy? Can you turn the kitchen on?"
Leighton: "How do you turn the kitchen on?"
Nicholas: "You push the button!"

4. Nicholas calling a heron a flamingo. 

5. Nicholas, asking me when dinner would be ready: "Is it 40 minutes, babe?"

6. Nicholas, looking at the bouquet on the table: "Daddy love you? Daddy love you wif fowers?"
Me: "Yes, he does."
Nicholas: "I don't love you wif fowers. I just a kid. And a baby."

7. Nicholas, loudly, pointing to a man in Walmart: "Daddy, is dat Santa?"

8. Tyler, about baby animals: "They're so cute!"
Nicholas: "Wait. I so cute."


What made you Smile?

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