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Kayla Jarmon Books

It seems like I'm always talking about or reviewing books, doesn't it? That's because reading is a pivotal aspect of our education. Whether we're flipping through the pages of a picture book, getting lost in the adventure of a chapter book, getting caught up in the facts of a biography, or learning through any other type, our family spends much time in books, both together as a whole and as individuals.

Because we read so much, we are always happy to receive new reading material like these three books from author Kayla Jarmon. Though her first published book came out less than a year ago, she has been writing everything from stories to films to blog articles for many years. She homeschooled her now-grown children and eagerly supports the homeschooling of her grandchildren and others as they take time to contemplate God in all things. These books are a testament to that. 

Don't Forget Me is first in the Discussion Book series and Kayla's first published book. This series is designed to be a springboard for parents to use to spark thoughtful conversations with their children. The topics in the discussion series will help you reflect on the truths of God and study His Word deeper. 

The series starts at the beginning, literally. Don't Forget Me is written as a conversation between a baby and God. It begins with conception, nothing graphic, but simple images inside the womb. The baby learns about his mother and father, singing, reading, and praying while God continually reminds him that He is always there. The story continues as the baby grows and is eventually born in the hospital. 

There is no narration as the entire book is quotes. You can tell who is talking because God's words are larger and in bold. Once the baby is born, a few other people speak. Those can be distinguished by the blue and pink highlights over their words.   

The second book in the Discussion series is Dying Is Part of This World. Though this is part of the same series and designed to encourage deeper conversations, this book is much different from the first. This one is a 40+ page chapter books with only a handful of pictures. 

  1. Fear of Death
  2. Remembering
  3. Preparations Stages
  4. Time Here and There
  5. Help When Losing Someone
  6. The Second Death
  7. God's Economy
Like the first book, this one is also conversational style and focuses on a mother and child. They talk about birth and raising a child. The mother explains that just like a baby isn't meant to stay in the womb, we are not meant to stay on Earth either and we shouldn't fear death. 

With topics including life, death, Heaven, Hell, sin, and salvation, this book tackles some difficult subjects. The end of each chapter lists 5 discussion questions along with multiple Bible references.   

A Boy and His Dog lets you join in the adventures of these best friends. They wake up together, eat breakfast together, and explore together. They chase squirrels, give wagon rides, play in the leaves, swing from trees, share snacks, dig for treasure, play in the mud, take baths, and more before they cuddle up for bed to rest for a new day of fun.

This fiction book brings to life the realities of the bond between a boy and his dog. I'm sure it will ring true to all dog owners and bring some knowing nods. 

While I'm sure there are many people that love these books, unfortunately they just weren't for us. I read over them first by myself and was hesitant to read them to the kids. Sometimes though their opinions are different from mine, so I was curious to see what they thought. Sadly, they, too, felt the stories were a bit odd. I don't feel like I need to explain the exact reasons of each book, because I don't want to just be negative. I will say that my daughter, our biggest bibliophile, liked Dying Is Part of This World the best, yet it couldn't keep the attention of my boys.

Kayla Jarmon is planning to offer all of her titles in audio form. I would be interested to see if that version is more accepted in our home.

If you like the examples of the books shown here, please visit her website or read more reviews on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

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