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Amazing Name Video Review

Picking out a name for your child can be one of the most exciting yet possibly stressful parts of having a baby. You want the name to be perfect--whether the name was chosen after someone special, because of its meaning, or simply because you like it. My kids have all wanted to know the stories of how their dad and I decided on the perfect names for them. Each story is unique, so what better way is there to share that event with your child that using a brand new product from CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts. Your child can learn all about their name with the Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name video.

CrossTimber is a family business that focuses on name meaning gifts. They create personalized name plaques, bookmarks, coffee mugs, music boxes, and more. We worked with them a few years ago and had a lovely experience. John, the owner, is friendly and helpful, and can find the meaning of any name, no matter how rare.

Amazing Name is the company's newest product. It is a personalized cartoon adventure that features your child. His name is spoken over 20 times, seen written on the screen in over a dozen different ways, and spelled out multiple times. His artwork is also woven into the story as it is rolled, becomes a rocket and then a parachute. His name and address are shown on an envelop as a letter written by you is read to him. It ends with his own photograph shown onscreen.

The cartoon is more than just hearing and seeing the name though. You child, along with the characters, goes on an adventure to the moon and back to earth to learn what his name means. On top of that, the characters explain that not only does God know what his name means, He also knows who he is and all he is meant to be. There are references to God and Bible verses throughout.

The cartoon is bright and colorful. It has very different characters as it includes a talking pencil, stars, an owl, and a sheep. The video is geared to a younger crowd, except the entire scene with Mr. Owl at his tree hints toward humoring adults. Many puns--possibly too many, in my opinion--are incorporated, and I love puns. One thing about that part that I appreciate though was the inclusion of additional information about my son's name. It briefly lists the origin, background, and facts and location of the country of origin.

One thing that surprised me what the choice of Bible version. Their website states that they "typically start with the KJV translation, but will sometimes consult other translations." None of the verses in the video were from the KJV though. My kids even commented on it. I'm sure it won't matter to some, but I expected it to be that version. However, I did specifically request the KJV verse to be used in accordance with my son's name, and they did use it for that.

I chose our 4-year-old to be the star of the video. Our whole family sat down to watch it together. My husband, older kids, and I felt it was very much for younger children as it is a bit juvenile, not in content, but execution. There are a few too many awkward pauses, as well. To be fair, I'm sure the video is meant for younger kids as it highlights and teaches the spelling of the name.

My opinion isn't what's important here. To find out what my little one thought, I asked him some questions:

Did you like watching your video?

What did you think when the pencil drew on your picture (that you colored)?
Not good. (Actually, he was kinda appalled while watching.)

What did you think when they read you the letter from Daddy and Mommy?

What was your favorite part
All of it!

If you had to pick just one thing to be your favorite part, what would it be?
My picture! And the letter because it had you and Daddy.

He smiled from ear-to-ear when the video started, became quite serious and engrossed throughout, and then ended with smiles again during the reading of the letter. He thought it was very exciting to see all the personalized aspects, like his drawing of a tulip, our letter, and his picture.

CrossTimber takes the personalization a step farther as they offer printable activity pages. We received 10 pages that include mazes, printing, cursive, the Bible verse that complements his name in the video, and more. One thing that I think would make this packet better would be the addition of simple coloring pages. While there is one, it is more like a page from an adult coloring book. My guy wouldn't even attempt to color it because it was "too much." I did get him to highlight his hidden names though. Since the videos appeal to young kids, there should be pages for them, as well. I think my little one would enjoy coloring pages that feature the characters from the show or maybe even generic scenes from the video itself.

CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts is currently running a giveaway for your own personalized Amazing Name video. You can enter on their Facebook page and also watch their promo video of the product. They also have a promotional offer that jump starts this new product. You can head over to save $20 on a digital Amazing Name video or purchase a DVD for $8 more.

If you're looking for a special gift to teach your little one how special his name is, you should consider CrossTimber and their many name meaning gifts.

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