Friday, March 12, 2010

Here goes nothing!

Leighton has been talking about starting a blog for quite a while now. Me? Not so much. I really do not like other people reading what I write. I worry too much about how it’s written. I write and rewrite. Is the punctuation correct? Did I give too many details? Is what I have to say interesting enough for someone else to read? What can I say; I’m a perfectionist. I come by it naturally. My mother is a perfectionist. My grandmother is a perfectionist. Even my little girl is a budding perfectionist. Having three kids has taught me though that I can’t always be a “perfectionist”. Toys on the floor, clothes in a basket, dishes in the sink. Now mind you, the house is usually clean, but there are those days. I am learning to accept it, but I’m much happier when things are in order.

That being said, I will try to write about what I do and love most, if you, the reader, will try to overlook my quirks. Deal?
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  1. it's a deal! you are an inspiration to me. If you can blog, maybe I can, too? Looking forward to reading your family escapades..your children are hilarious, lovely little people!

  2. I didn't realize I wasn't following you prior to this. I fixed that :)