Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diary of a Mom

Get up. Make breakfast. Wash dishes. Wash laundry. Pick up toys. Pull cotton ball out of 2-year-old’s nose. Put away dishes. Dry laundry. Get spit up on by baby. Change clothes. Find 4-year-old climbing walls with suction cup. See baby saturated in poop. Spend 10 minutes changing poopy diaper and cleaning baby. Rinse and soak baby clothes. Fold and put away laundry. Drink water. Drop glass. Clean up water. Stop 2-year-old from eating stickers. Find baby covered in stickers. Sit on chair. Discover more spilled water on chair. Change clothes. Stop 2-year-old from coloring on herself with pen. Pick up toys. Vacuum house. Make lunch.

Need I say more?

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  1. I'd say you're just a little busy :)

  2. just another day in the Leaf household!!! Love,Mom

  3. hahahah oh dear, what a day. Having to change your clothes twice cuz of the water spills...priceless. I bet you can't wait until summer when you can put them outside in the fenced yard.