Sunday, September 26, 2010

Off to the Apple Orchard

A tradition has started the past few years with our family to go apple picking at the orchard. This is something that we begin to look forward to right after we finish it. It is one of those things that has to happen at a certain time with certain weather or it just isn't right. The apple season has to be at the right point to get the apples we want for eating and baking. The fall season has to be at the right point so that we are able to wear sweaters. T-shirts just are not right for fall apple picking pictures, just doesn't look right. As we began to plan our trip to the orchard for this past weekend the apple season was right for the types of apples we wanted, but we began to worry about the weather as Thursday got into the upper eighties. We ended up with sixty degrees a ton of wind and nearly coat and hat weather. We adorned ourselves in sweaters and sweatshirts and made way for Westview Apple Orchard in Romeo, MI.

When we left the house the sun was beginning to shine and a beautiful day was growing for apple picking. By the time we made it to the orchard the clouds had returned and the wind was kicking up, but still it was a good day to pick apples. We paid for our apples received two half bushel bags and hopped on the wagon to go apple picking.

Jake and Alyssa both look forward to eating apples as we pick, so much so that Alyssa ate three apples while were picking and didn't have room for a donut from the cidermill later. Jake started a couple and made it half way through them before dropping them while trying to pick others. The big discovery early on was a dead frog in the walkway that led Alyssa to beg Erika to save her and carry her, not sure why she didn't turn to her Daddy though. I don't think Alyssa pulled too many apples down that she didn't eat. Jake had a ton of fun climbing up the middle of the trees to see how high of an apple he could pull. Poor Zac didn't pull any, although he did get his own little apple that he nibbled on a good majority of the time. All in all we had the expected good time picking apples which we followed up with cider and donuts.

The kids wanted so bad to go and play on the playground that the orchard had in there "Family Fun" area, the problem came with the $32 it was going to cost for us to get in there. So in order to lesson the heartache of not playing there we stopped at Burger King for an early dinner and let them play there. They completely forgot about the playground at the orchard and had a blast playing where they could. Now we just have to do something with fifty pounds of apples. I have a feeling we will have no problems.

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