Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make It Monday: Power Balls

Every day Jake asks, "What's today?" He wants to know if it's time for a craft, baking, or an experiment. I'm not sure which one is his favorite because he gets excited about all three. Actually, he gets excited about each day of the week for different reasons: Sundays and Wednesdays because we go to church, Fridays because we go to Grandma's house, and Saturdays because it's a special family day. It just so happened that Saturday evening he was begging to make "power balls." I always dread making these things. I'm not sure why. They're incredibly simple to make, but tend to be messy, especially with a 2 year old. Monday was the perfect day to make these. The kit (made by Rose Art) comes with two holders that snap together. You pour little, tiny beads (the size of salt granules) into the mold. Once it's full, you submerge it in water for one minute, take it out, and let it sit for three minutes. After that, you have one high-bouncing power ball!

Alyssa said, "Oh, my fingers got wet!" Jake told her, "That's ok. That happens sometimes."  

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