Sunday, October 10, 2010

Theory Thursday: Colorful Mixtures

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how much Jacob and Alyssa enjoyed watching food coloring mix with water when we made silly putty as seen here. I found an experiment that is just that, watching food coloring. 

Food coloring
Liquid dish soap
Dish- wide rim

1. Pour milk into a wide rimmed dish, and let sit until it warms to room temperature
2. Place drops of different food coloring in the milk
3. Place two drops of liquid dish soap into the mixture

Simple enough? Yes. Except when you make the fatal error to heat the milk in the microwave for 11 seconds. I had taken the milk out and let it sit for nearly 3 hours. It still felt cold to the touch, so I nuked it. We then continued with the experiment. Dropped in the food coloring, squirted in the dish soap. Nothing. We sat there and stared at coloring slowly mixing in the milk. 

first attempt

Leighton and I decided to try it again once the kids went to bed. This time, we followed the directions exactly. This time, it worked. It's amazing how smoothly things go when you follow the directions. People wonder why their lives are falling apart or why they are so unhappy. If they would follow the directions for life that God has given us in the Bible, things would go more smoothly. We need to stop trying to do things our way or look for shortcuts.
third attempt

Friday morning, we tried it again. 

Again, I made a mistake by allowing Jake to squirt in the dish soap. I should know that a 4 year old (excuse me, a 4-and-a-half year old) would not be able to pour in just one drop. It's supposed to bubble and swirl if done correctly. The experiment was also compromised once they started blowing on it. Either way, they enjoyed watching the display and that's what really matters. After all, we are homeschooling for their benefit. Maybe this week we'll work on following directions . . . for the benefit of us all.  
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