Saturday, October 23, 2010

Theory Thursday: Is the Glass Full?

Thursday's experiment dealt with surface tension. We started with glasses filled with water. One by one, Jake and Alyssa dropped pennies into the glasses until the water overflowed. Surprisingly, it was a much higher a number than we expected! The surface molecules acted as a barrier, pulling the water down. Eventually, the volume of water above the rim of the glass became too great for the surface tension to hold and the water spilled. Jake managed to drop in 64 pennies and Alyssa dropped in 72. Coincidentally, I lost $1.36 to a couple of piggy banks. 

Jake guessed that 4 pennies would make the water spill.

Trying to sneak 2 pennies in at once.

If you look closely you can see the water bulging at the lip of the glass.
Practicing their counting skills.
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  1. Another great theory activity. They sure are enjoying learning. Plus this one paid off!!!!