Monday, December 6, 2010

Make It Monday: Christmas Ornaments

I stopped at the dollar store yesterday to pick up some ornaments and glitter glue for our project today. I was lucky enough to find a package of 5 gold ball ornaments on the clearance shelf for 50¢. While I would ordinarily think these balls were tacky, they were perfect for our craft. Then, I debated between 2 different packs of glitter glue. One had 3 big bottles of red, silver, and gold. The other had 2 little "pens" of each color of red, blue, green, silver, and gold. I figured that the smaller pen-type would fit better in their hands and that the color selection would be better. On the other hand, that pack had less than half of the amount of glue than the other. The kids would have emptied each pen in no time. The frugalist in me made the winning decision, and I walked out of there knowing that I got my money's worth. What is the value of money though, if it makes the project harder and more frustrating? As I expected, Alyssa had a hard time grasping the bottle and keeping the attached cap out of the way. She needed some help with most of it. She did enjoy it regardless and was disappointed when her 2 ornaments were finished. Jake had no problem decorating his. He did however, drop it on the floor getting glitter glue on the couch and carpet in the process. Ah, the joy of crafting with children. Just think, I got the big bottles so we could do it again! Being frugal might not be such a good thing after all! 

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