Monday, February 14, 2011

Make It Monday: Valentine's Box o' Love

Full of love.
The kids and I filled a box with hearts for Leighton today. They weren't just any hearts though. Written on each was a token of our affection for him. Zachy helped a little before heading off for a nap. Alyssa did a lot of random coloring. Jacob drew pictures and explained their meanings. For instance, he drew a pair of hands and wrote "tickle" because he loves when Daddy tickles him and  a "J" pancake because Daddy makes the best pancakes. I filled out my own hearts, though the content will go unmentioned!

Attempting to color.

Deciding to eat it instead.

Mommy took away my paper? That's Ok, I'll just throw the crayons on the floor.

Filling their hearts with love.

Writing captions for his pictures.

Preparing to cover the box.

Decorating with thousands of stickers.

Couldn't you just squeeze her?

Dropping in the hearts.

They were so excited to tell Daddy, "Happy Valentines Day!" and give him his box. They were very proud of our gift. Jake made sure Leighton read each and every heart. There is no denying that he is a very loved man.    
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