Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowy Day

We've gotten a lot of snow today. So much that the schools are all closed, businesses are closed, and everyone is told to stay off the roads. My husband, the truck driver, is at work. Ironic? I thank God for giving him a wonderful job to provide for our family, but it would have been nice to have his help today. Do you know how long it takes to get 4 people ready to play in the snow??? By the time I found all the winter gear,and layered clothing, the kids were getting antsy. I misplaced Jake's old snow boots and mittens, so poor Zachy had to wear Alyssa's pink hand-me-downs. (Maybe it was a good thing Daddy was at work.) 

This was Zac's first experience with snow. He whined quite a bit. It's hard to move around when you have little legs and are all bundled up. Then, add a foot of snow. Poor baby kept falling down and getting stuck. He lasted an hour or so though. When I brought him in the house, he whined to go back out. Silly boy.

Not sure what to make of the cold, fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

His favorite part was finding the soccer ball. "Ball! Ball!"

He had been face down, licking up the snow. So cute, but I missed it.

Had to take a pic before helping him up. Hey, it's my job to fully document the day!
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  1. Grandma will have to buy the poor kid some boots and mittens.

  2. Your husband is a "tuck" driver?!? LOL - NOT all businesses were closed :)

  3. There, I added the "r" just for you. I didn't say all the business, just all the schools. Picky picky. =)