Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Tasty?

I wasn't planning to blog today. I wasn't even planning to bake anything. *Gasp* (We still have a few things sitting in the kitchen: chai bread we made over the weekend, a bit of cake, a few gingerbread men the kids decorated a couple days ago, and some leftover strawberry ice cream.) I changed my mind as I listened to the kids playing. Jake was teasing Alyssa: growling at her, putting her little people in his Lego jail, "spraying"  ketchup in her face, making obnoxious sounds, you know, typical boy stuff.  Alyssa, typical girl, whined in response. 

I went to the pantry, pulled out a bag of cookie mix and called Alyssa into the kitchen. (I am not one to use these mixes often, but I get them for free every now and then while couponing. I admit, they're not very tasty, but are very convenient for days like today when I want to distract the kids.) So, she was very excited and called Jake to come make cookies with us. He came running in excited. When I showed him the bag and explained what it was, his head dropped and he walked away pouting. He was devastated and appalled that we weren't making the cookies from scratch (Though, he's still convinced that we need to make them completely from scratch, i.e. grow the wheat, grind the flour, harvest the cocoa beans, etc.) He didn't help make them. He wouldn't even eat them once they were finished. "I just don't like them," he said.

I learned three things today:

1. The "yucky" mix backfired. They went immediately back to teasing and whining.
2. I am very ready for spring so I can send my cabin fever kids out into the warm sunshine to play.

and most importantly . . . 

3. I may have passed on my love of baking to my oldest.

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  1. What a baking snob that kid is!!!!!!

  2. That's so funny - that's exactly what I told Leighton!!!