Monday, April 11, 2011

Make It Monday: Thunderstorms

April showers bring may flowers. We made the flowers last week and the rain this week. (Ok, so maybe we're a little dyslexic.)

We used a shower pouf to make clouds.

Finger prints make perfect little rain drops.

Jake insisted they add yellow lightening bolts. What a storm!
Painting with the pouf was so much fun! It was addicting dab-dab-dabbing it on the paper. And of course, finger painting is always a good time. Once they were done painting their storms, they moved on to the newspaper. Alyssa attacked the paper with the pouf and made swirls with her finger. Jake took the experimental route and spent time mixing the paint to make new colors. 

We started with the paint in juice caps and a coffee can top. (It's a good way to re-use things you already have. Plus, you don't have to spend time washing them afterward. Just toss them in the garbage and save on water too!)  Eventually, we squirted the paint right on the newspaper for them to spread around.

You really need to try painting with a pouf! They clean well and are tons of fun. Use your imagination and make sure to come back and share your creations with us!
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  1. I can just hear Alyssa in the picture where she's looking at her hand, "Oh, dear, Oh, dear my hand is dirty".