Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pantry Surprise 4/21/11

Here I am, minding my own business. I open the pantry to get a snack for Zac. (Big surprise, huh?) Nothing out of the ordinary. I pull down a bag of veggie sticks and remove the clip from the bag. I reach in and find a surprise . . . .

Who knew that McDonald's teamed up with Good Health to put toys in the bags! Prizes are no longer reserved for cereal and cracker jack boxes. The concerning thing though is that little Cabbage Patch doll is a McDonald's toy from when I was a child. Either those sticks are waaaay past their expiration date, or one of my children "forgot" their toy while getting a snack.

Hmm, now that I think about it, they were kinda stale . . . .
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  1. Looks like a spider on top of her head!!

  2. So that was what was moving around! :)