Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pantry Surprise 4/9/11

I joked on Facebook a couple weeks ago that I should start a series on the blog called, "Things I Find in My Pantry." Oftentimes, the kids will have a toy in hand when they head to the pantry for a snack. Of course they can't set it down. One of their siblings would take the beloved toy for sure. So, the toy goes to the pantry with them. Once inside, they need 2 hands. The toy gets placed on a shelf, and a yummy treat takes its place in the child's hand. They close the door and walk away, forgetting all about the toy.

Sometime later, I come waltzing (yes, waltzing) by, minding my own business. I open the pantry door, looking for something for Zac, ingredients for dinner, or . . . something for Zac. Yep, usually something for Zac. What I find is a surprise.

This time, I receive a double surprise - a 16" Batman action figure and Sparky pilot wings from AWANA.  Mind you, we had lost for Batman for nearly 20 hours. (Still not quite sure how we didn't see him there.)

Really though, I should know better. If you can't find something . . . check the pantry!
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