Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Needs A Nap Anyway?

Our schedule has changed recently. We used to start school when Zachy took his morning nap. He would wake up towards the end of school. The kids would eat lunch, play for a little, and Zac and Alyssa would take a nap. 

It was a nice schedule. It met our needs. Everyone was happy. But . . . 

Zac has gotten himself down to one nap a day recently. Don't get me wrong, it's a good nap, 3-4 hours. But, he doesn't go down until 12:00 pm or so. It changes everything. 

Now, we start school much later. Alyssa hasn't been wanting to nap because she doesn't want to miss school. She gets sleepy, clingy, and crabby and wants me to hold her. If I put her in bed, she finds her way back into the basement in our classroom. Once Zac wakes up, all thoughts of a nap are long gone. She tells me she's not tired, that she doesn't need a nap.

She may be right. Who needs a nap anyway?

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  1. Are you saying that you don't nap in snow boots??? How odd. They're all the rage. :)

  2. Well, apparently NOT Alyssa! Ha!

    I personally hate my feet to be cold when napping. Snow boots?.... GREAT idea!