Monday, May 23, 2011

Pantry Surprise 5/23/11

Here we are again with a Pantry Surprise that does not take place in the pantry . . .

We recently got a new pastor at church and celebrated last night with a pounding. (Everyone thinks it's called that because you're supposed to bring pounds and pounds of food and household supplies. Really though, it's called that because you gain pounds and pounds from eating so much! Everyone knows Baptists have food at every function. I'm sure it's in the Bible somewhere.) I made brownies with peanut butter frosting to take. I had just enough time to let the brownies cool, make the frosting, plop it on top, cut them up, and put throw 'em on a plate before rushing out the door to choir practice. You'd think being married to the choir director would give me a time cushion. You'd be wrong. 

Why didn't I make them Saturday night? Good question. And one that will be answered in a different post. 

All that to say that I didn't have the time to cover the brownies (or the extra frosting) before fleeing the house. I know this picture will probably make my mom cringe. But, it was either this or skip practice and that would make her cringe even more. 

The director too.

 We got home last night and found this in the refrigerator. Not sure how this invitation made its way into the pan. I mean, I know the brownies were delicious, and I'm sure Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel would love to eat them. (Not so sure they'd still fit in their dresses though.)  But, how did it get from the top of the fridge into the fridge?

Leighton is the only other one who can reach that high. Either it was him, or someone sneaked into our house while we were gone just to cause confusion, or Tinkerbell flew her friends into the pan to satisfy their brownie cravings.

I'm almost tempted to believe the latter. 

Women need their chocolate. After all, what are friends for???

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