Sunday, May 22, 2011

Their First Tigers Game!

The company that I work for, Blue Star Inc., has season tickets to the Detroit Tigers. Usually the bosses use the tickets for customers or for their own families, but every so often they offer the tickets to an employee. This was the case this past Tuesday. I got back from one of my runs and I was asked why I wasn't taking my wife and kids to the Tiger's game. My reply was simple, "I don't have tickets." The response was just as simple, "You do if you want them." So I was given four tickets to the Tigers vs. Blue Jays game. The seats aren't bad either; just to the outside of first base on the end of the ninth row. A couple years ago they gave me tickets to Tigers vs. Rays and we sat right behind third base. That time we invited another couple from the church to go with us, this time we took Jake and Alyssa.

If you don't live in the Detroit area you wouldn't know that it's been doing a lot of raining here lately. But the rain has usually been in the morning and clearing later in the day. The game was to start at 7:05 so I figured all would be well, just a little chilly due to the overcast skies. So we grabbed a couple blankets and three umbrellas just in case.

I waited a couple of hours after work to ask the kids if they wanted to go. When I finally did ask they both got really excited. Then Jake asked, "Do we get to play?" When we told him no he was heart broken and said he wanted to go to Grandma's house with Zac. We managed to convince him that he was gonna have fun. We did make the mistake of telling him that he could take his ball glove and might catch a ball. He was then determined that he was coming home with a ball from the park.

We dropped Zac off at Grandma's and headed for the D. When we got half way there it started pouring. I was convinced it would just pass over. And that is why I drive a truck and don't guess the weather. Only the pouring of the rain passed, it continued a heavy drizzle but we did it anyway. We parked at Ford Field and walked to Comerica Park where the Tigers play. Jake had his umbrella, Erika had her umbrella, and I had mine; along with the cooler and Alyssa. The not so short walk to the ballpark took even longer in the rain.

Once we got in the park we immediately had to stop to try and get what we were carrying situated. This we did in the rain, why? I'm not sure but we survived and the kids enjoyed it. Jake more than Alyssa I think. She had a little more trouble keeping the umbrella up.

As we worked our way around to our seats we stopped a couple of times to rest and watched a few of the side games going on. The first stop was right behind where the television cameras were. There was a gap in the fence that Jake seemed to enjoy looking out at the field.

This was in case you didn't notice the rain and were wondering why the game hadn't started yet.
At one point I asked Jake if he was having fun yet. He slowly began to nod his head then stopped and very definitively said, "Well, no." But when we asked him as we were leaving he had definitely had fun. The two of them had a blast umbrella-sword fighting and wrestling with each other. All while trying to avoid hitting anyone else who was sheltering from the rain. We ended up hanging out for about an hour after the supposed start time. We decided that they probably were not going to play so we headed back to Grandma's. Shortly after we left they called the game and rescheduled. So we will be headed back to Comerica Park on June 27 to try again to take the kids for their first Tigers game. But even without any pitches thrown or bats swung we had fun this time.

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