Saturday, July 16, 2011

Theory Thursday: Water Sensor

So it was Thursday and the girls went to the store leaving Jake, Zac, and me here at home alone. I thought it would be a good time for Jake and me to do one of the electronic circuits in the kit we used for Theory Thursday: Electronics 101. I pulled the kit out and Jake got all giddy, he tends to love science and electronics like his daddy. As I flipped through the book to find a quick simple circuit I started to realize that Jake was probably able to do this by himself. I had to help him identify the resistors he needed but he put the entire circuit together by himself, except the battery that somehow I didn't realize was in the schematic, I added that once I realized we needed it.

Now I didn't take a lot of pictures for this one, above are all the pictures I took. All that is shown is the building of the circuit. Below is the video of the circuit in action, along with a lesson learned.

So we learned something, had fun, and made a mess all in like forty-five minutes or so. We even had the mess cleaned up before mommy came home.
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