Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Soccer Team

Jacob started soccer this week. Where does the time go? One minute, he was just a tiny little thing in my arms. Now, he's big enough to run around a field and play his first organized sport. 

I know I did not give him permission to grow so fast. Kids these days. Sheesh.

He had so much fun at practice! The British Challenger trainer was so good with the kids. They worked on dribbling, stopping the ball, and just plain having fun. They played so many games, you'd never know they were actually practicing!

It was challenging to keep Zac from running out onto the field to play "ball!" with "Bub-bub!" Alyssa was nearly in tears herself. "But I'm a big girl. I want to play soccer too."  She finally settled for running circles around our blanket with Zac following close behind.

After they finished practice, we headed to a sports store to get Jake some red soccer socks and cleats. We also bought another size 3 ball to satisfy the two little ones.

Jake asks every day if he's going to soccer. I think he's a little excited. It's going to be a fun ten weeks!
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  1. Looking forward to seeing him play in a game.