Thursday, August 4, 2011

Theory Thursday: Chicken Sounds

Can you believe I started this post on January 20th? January 20th! That's 28 weeks ago! Don't want to rush into anything, ya know. Actually, the video was taken on our regular video camera. At the time, we didn't have the proper software to get the video onto the computer. Fast forward a few months - Leighton finally bought what we needed!  Skip ahead a few more months - Leighton finally installed the software and edited my video!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that man? If it were left up to me, my poor video would always and forever be lost in the camera. I am not the tech geek.

Thankfully though, I married one.

Everyone knows a chicken says, "bawk"(a very talkative one might say "bawk, bawk bawk, baaaawk!) But can you sound like a real live chicken? You can. Because I can show you how.

I can also show you how an energetic and mischievous 14 months old preforms for a camera. 

A plastic drinking cup                        A nail
Yarn or cotton string                         Scissors
A paper clip                                       Water
Paper towel

1. Cut a piece of yarn about 20 inches long.
2. Use the nail to carefully punch a hold in the center of the bottom of the cup.
3. Tie one end of the yarn to the middle of the paper clip.
4. Push the other end of the yarn through the hole in the cup and pull it through.
5. Get a piece of paper towel about the size of a dollar bill. Fold it once and get it damp in the water.
6. Hold the cup firmly in one hand, and wrap the damp paper towel around the string near the cup. While you squeeze the string, pull down in short jerks so that the paper towel tightly slides along the string. If all goes well - you hear a chicken!

This demonstration is an example of how a sounding board works. The vibrations from the string would be almost silent without the cup, but when you add the cup, it spreads the vibrations and amplifies them. Jake and Alyssa played with their cups the rest of the day. They had fun being chickens for Daddy when he got home.

So now, when someone asks you, "What does a chicken say?" You can grab a few common objects and show them.

Or, you can just say "bawk."
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