Friday, August 5, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 8/5/11

Yesterday, it hit me. Out of the blue, it hit me. I was preparing breakfast for my kids, and it hit me. I am incredibly blessed, like blessed-beyond-measure blessed. I'm married to the man God created me to complete. Together, we've been entrusted with 3 precious souls to raise. I have phenomenal parents, who are our best friends. Our every need is supplied by the God of the universe. 

I could go on and on and bore you for days with my innumerable blessings. Instead, I'll give you a highlight of the Things That Made Me Smile this week.  

1. Jake rubber banded (Is rubber band a verb??)  two pencils together. He would twist the top pencil and watch it spin once he let go. He was proud of his "science experiment."

2. Zac's newest phrase before performing for me: "Mom, wa dis!" (watch this)

3. We pulled out ALL the pillows (and bean bag) in the house and put them in a big pile in the living room. The kids had a blast jumping and wrestling on the cushy mountain. They all enjoyed jumping off the couch into the pile, especially Zac. They played for over an hour!

4. We pulled out our Berenstain Bears collection (48 books!) and are enjoying a reading marathon. We read 7 books the first day and 4-5 books every day since.  Most of them are from my childhood. I'm glad my kids love them too. Plus, I get to re-read them. Bonus!

5. I painted Alyssa's fingernails and toenails. Zac desperately wanted his painted too. He settled for blowing on his hands and feet right along with his sister. It was so cute watching him raise his foot to his mouth and blow.

6. While reading one of the Berestain Bears books, Too Much Birthday, Jake argued with the authors:
          Book: "Papa felled the tree."
          Jake: "You mean the tree fell."
          Me: "No, Papa felled the tree."
          Jake: "No, it's the tree fell."
          Me: Fell can be a different kind of verb, too.
          Jake: {Looks at me in disbelief as I continue with the story}

7. Zac has carried one of Alyssa's purses around all week. And what does he keep inside? Cars. Lots and lots of cars.

8. Zac grabbed a box of macaroni noodles off the counter as I was preparing dinner. He opened them up and tossed an uncooked noodle in his mouth before I could stop him. "Mmmm!" Then he ate some more and "mmm"ed the whole time.

9. I walked into the living room and Blue's Clues was playing on the TV. 
       Me: "Who turned this on?"
       Jake: "I turned it on for Zachy."
       Me: "Why?"
       Jake: "He asked me to."
       Zac: {pointing} "Bue's Cues!!!"

10. We went grocery shopping. The kids were ecstatic when I grabbed a bag of red delicious apples and a bag of Clementine oranges and placed them in the cart. They were cheering in the middle of the store. Yea for healthy snacks!

11. Zac has a cell phone obsession. He gathers all the unused phones and hordes them. He's been "talking" on a phone for a while now, but this week, he started mimicking. "Hewo, ummm. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Shhh." 

Thanks for letting me reflect a little on my week. I hope some of these events made you smile, as well.
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  1. Great list of things that made you smile. I love that attitude and joyfulness.

    And absolutely -- yeah -- on the Berenstain Bear books. Although, I must admit to liking the older ones better. :)


  2. I completely agree about the books. We've refrained from buying many of the newer ones, especially those written in the last decade or so. The morals are not what they used to be, unfortunately.