Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School 2011

We started another school year today! We've been easing into some extra learning activities the last few weeks, but we officially started full-time today.

We began our morning with pancakes and powdered sugar. That's what the kiddos requested, so that's what they got. Of course, each child's pancake is always in the shape of the first letter of their names. Is there any other way to eat them? Letter pancakes taste sooo much better than circle pancakes!

Little did I know that a princess and Superman were going to school with us. And a faceless child.

We had told Alyssa last year that she was in preschool. She's only 3 and still in preschool, but it's a new year. So, today would be the second first day. Make sense? Jake is 5 and in first grade. Little Zachy is not even 2 yet, so he's in pre-preschool. 

Overall, today went well. It's certainly going to be a challenge to keep Zac busy and out of  in as little trouble as possible. Toddlers are just so inquisitive! He loves to learn, and I love helping him. He's doing well recognizing colors and pointing out letters. Today, he picked up a magnetic letter off the fridge and said, "X!" And he was right. Makes his momma proud.

We're excited for the 2011-2012 school year and all that we will accomplish!
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