Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make It Monday: Decorating Gingerbread Men

I know, I know, since you eat gingerbread men, this could actually fall into the Tasty Tuesday category. But, we didn't bake the cookies. We used a pre-baked kit I bought the other day for a couple bucks (gotta love after-Christmas clearance!) All we had to do was decorate them . . . or in other words, make them decorative. Get it? Make them. 

Anyway . . . on to the cookies, er, decorating!

Observant me did not realize that the fondant that came in the package was not pre-cut. The box showed all these cute, little gingerbread men. I assumed it had all the accessories shown. Nope, just a block of fondant. Thankfully, Daddy surprised us by coming home from work after only half a day! He is much more artistic than I am. He had the privilege of cutting whatever the kids asked for.

And let me tell you, they certainly enjoyed it! Everything they desired, he cut . . . while speaking with a Russian accent!

They belly-laughed just about the entire time! I'm not sure what I laughed about more - my husband being silly or my children laughing at my husband being silly.  

 It wasn't all fun though. There was work involved too.

Ok, maybe even the "work" was fun.

 They even saved a cookie for Zac to decorate when he woke up from his nap.

They turned out so cute! I especially like the Tiny Tim one. (Can you spot him, crutch and all?) He had a casualty during the process, but Daddy fixed his leg up. 

First a tailor, then a linguist, and also a doctor??? This man is amazing! I think I'll keep him.

I'd say it was a profitable day . . . regardless of which category it fits in.

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