Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a day to remember all those that served our country to give us our freedoms.  It is because of them and God's blessings that America is the great country that she is. 

Today is also the unofficial beginning of summer! Just like last year, we're not taking a break from school (you never really stop learning), but we will be slowing down a bit. We'll be cutting back on the work aspect, and upping the fun! Of course, we'll continue with our crafts, cooking, and experiments, too. 

Here is our summer bucket list or list of fun things we want to do. The list is in no particular order. Trust me, I wanted to alphabetize it and I wanted to make each entry start with a verb so the list was consistent. Leighton insisted neither was necessary. I'm trying not to be so picky, but for the record, it's driving me bonkers! I guess I should add that to the list. {snicker}

make puppets
zoo with friends
water balloon fight
go to a new park
go for a walk
play in sprinkler
feed the ducks
spend the night at Uncle Gary's
make popsicles
bike ride
get Slurpees
look at clouds
play in the pool
pick strawberries and/or cherries
blow bubbles
fire department
nature scavenger hunt
fly kite
finger paint
make sock puppets
wash the van
play baseball on a diamond
ice cream shop
finding gold in a gold mine 

What are your plans for this summer? Is there anything special you're planning to do?

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  1. what a great list! Looking forward to seeing some of this on the blog this summer! Have a BLAST!