Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jake Turns Six-And-A-Half

We celebrated another half birthday over the weekend. Our oldest is 6½! Since Leighton's truck wasn't running and we were down to one vehicle when Jake's actual birthday came, we were not able to celebrate the day just the two of us. We  made up for it 6 months later.

Since he's not strange like his brother, we started the day with pancakes. Pancakes with syrup, cinnamon whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry, to be exact. 

Hours later, we dropped off the other kids at my parents' house and went grocery shopping. What a way to celebrate! Friday is always my day to shop. We spend the day at my parents' house every Friday, and they watch my kids so I can go grocery shopping by myself. It's my me-time for the week. Plus, it makes shopping much faster and less stressful. This week, I had only a couple things to buy so it didn't take long. We even stopped to look at the fish in the pet department. Then, I let Jake pick out his one half-birthday present. As we walked through the toy department, he casually said, "Oh, look - the LEGO aisle." Big surprise there. The real surprise came when he chose a small set within 2 minutes!

After Meijer, we headed to lunch at McDonald's. We almost never eat fast food, so Jake was pretty excited. This restaurant even had a play-place, but he decided not to "waste our time" there. He just wanted to get back home to spend the day together. 

Back at Leaf Manor (did you hear my Batman narrator voice???), we ripped into the box and assembled the new LEGO set. 

When I say we, I mean he. Jake loves to have people "help" him build and create, but really, he just takes over. I was content to hand him the necessary pieces as quickly as he needed them. For an hour, Catwoman zoomed around on her Catcycle, trying to get away with the precious diamond. Boxes and newspapers were flying everywhere. Batarangs were zipping through the air. It was not a pretty picture. In the end, Batman caught the thief and sent her to jail. All was well in Gotham City once again. 

That is until the Joker was on the loose . . . again. A Super Hero's work is never done. We helped restore order in Gotham City on the Wii until it was time to head back to my parents'.

We ate pizza for dinner before making the hour drive to watch my niece graduate high school. I forgot my camera (oh, the horror!), but I have this one picture of all of us.

It was late by the time we left, but we still had one more stop before heading home - doughnuts! It was National Doughnut Day, but since we already had so many other fun things to do, we bought them instead of making them. (Don't worry, we're making some today to celebrate!) I even took some pictures with the iPad of the doughnuts oozing with icing and sprinkles. Or at least I thought I took some pictures.  I never checked the settings and actually took videos of the doughnuts. Pretty exciting stuff.

Pancakes, McDonald's, pizza, and doughnuts - not the healthiest of days, but certainly a fun day filled with lots of Batman, lots of LEGOs, and lots of love.

Happy Half-Birthday, Jake! I'm glad I got to spend the day with just you!

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