Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 8/24/12

What a week it's been! We took our first week-long vacation in 5 years. 6 people + 1 week + many hours of driving = an experience to remember! I had been planning to post this past week, but our internet connection was sketchy and extremely slow. Plus, we didn't do much sitting around anyway. We'll be talking about the festivities and posting pics from the week soon, but for now, I wanted to reflect on a few of the smiles along the way.

1. Leighton was working with Zac on how to properly ask for things. Zac kept getting tangled in the wording though. Finally, after a couple minutes, his wording was technically correct and he got what he wanted: 
Leighton: "You say, 'May I have something, please?'"
Zac: "May I have something, please?"

2. Zac, while eating outside: "There's too many bugs! We need to put them in jail!"

3. Alyssa went with me to the bathroom while we were sightseeing. I made a comment about how it wasn't going to be easy using the restroom since I was wearing Tyler in the Moby Wrap. She coaxed me through it. "You can do it, Mommy. You're talented. You can do it."

4. Zac, talking about the crescent moon: "Look! I see the broken moon."

5. Zac calling the arcade our cave.  

6. Me: "I don't know which I like less - packing or unpacking."
Leighton: "Just think, you get to do both this week."
What a guy. Always focusing on the positives.

7. We watched the Sound of Music with the kids. Zac fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie and slept the rest of the time. Later, when Georg started singing "Edelweiss" Alyssa said, "I thought he was going to sing 'Jesus Loves Me.'"

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Sound of Music is my go-to movie when I want my kids to take an unexpected (by them) nap. (Shhh! LOL)