Friday, August 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 8/3/12

Happy Friday! Have you been watching the Olympics? We don't get any channels in our TV, so we've been watching some of it on the iPad. It's been great. The commercials are almost non-existent, we can skip the events we don't want to see, and we can fast-forward through the preliminaries.  (Pretty much the same reasons we use Netflix.) It's been funny seeing how into the races Jake gets. Go USA!

1. Jake, while watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics: "Is the Queen watching?" Then, he was very impressed when he saw her "jumping" out of the plane.

2. Leighton bought me a jar lifter. It has made canning so much easier! I made both dill and bread & butter pickles this week.

3. Zac, showing me his bare feet: "I don't need boots or shoes. I have these!"

4. One day, I was exhausted and took a short nap with Zac.
Alyssa: {asks question}
Me: {mumble mumble} "Yes, you can make the cookies now."
Alyssa: "What?"
Me, realizing how silly it sounded: "Nothing. That didn't make any sense. I was dreaming. What?" 

5. I was explaining internal organs to the kids. Jake looked at me funny and started playing his chest like an organ (instrument.)


7. Alyssa was kissing on the baby while Zac was waiting for his turn to kiss him. He told her, "Hey! Not so many kisses!"

8. The kids and I read together quite a bit. They love listening to chapter books as well as typical children's books. We started The Hobbit this week. Jake is loving it! He wanted to read the entire book the first day. It's exciting to see him so enthralled with a book that is filled with such rich vocabulary. It's also giving us a chance to talk about our morals and beliefs. 

9. Me: "Good morning."
Zac: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "He's at work."
Zac: "I want him."

10. Zac: "I asked God to turn me into a turtle."

What made you smile this week???
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