Friday, June 7, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 6/7/13

Jake (7½), Alyssa (5), Zac (3½), Tyler (1)

Happy Friday! What a strange week it's been. Many big, costly things almost broken. Many bumps, bruises, and blood. But still much fun, laughter, and smiles.

1. Zac, while pulling food out of the pantry: " I'm making my messipe! It's like mess and recipe together."

2. Since the kids and I head over to my parents' house every Friday late morning/early afternoon and Leighton comes meets us there after he gets off work, we have 2 vehicles when we leave. Alyssa asked to ride with him, but she was already seated in the van and was told no. She moaned all the way home. Daddy . . . my daddy . . . Daaaaaaddy . . . oh, Daddy . . . It was so cute, funny, and sweet. And, it earned her a trip to run an errand with her daddy the next day.

3. Me, while teaching about types of nouns (common, proper, abstract, etc.): "Yes, alligator is a concrete noun because we can touch it."
Jake: "Mooom! Of course you can't touch an alligator. It would bite your fingers off!"

5. Celebrating Jake's 7½ birthday.

6. Jake, about butterfly-shaped fly swatters: "Why do they make them so lovely looking? I mean, you're just going to be killing flies with them."

7. Jake: "Did you grow a golden tooth?" (gold filling)

8. Our dishwasher is not broken!

9. Alyssa: "My skin hair scares me sometimes."
Me: "The hair on your arm?"
Alyssa: "Yeah. Sometimes I think it's a spider."

10. Zac, pointing to a full moon: "It's a quesadilla!"

11. Zac, playing with the baby: "I spy something Tylery. It's you!"

What made you smile this week?

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