Wednesday, August 7, 2013

National Root Beer Float Day

Happy National Root Beer Float Day! 

As if we needed an excuse to celebrate.

Leighton and the kiddos adore root beer floats. (Remember when we made old-fashioned ice cream sodas?) Root beer is their favorite pop (I like it, but I'll take Dr. Pepper or Rock & Rye any day), and ice cream just makes everything better.

The kids ask for root beer floats almost weekly at my parents' house. Yeah, they're a little bit spoiled.

I've been planning to make ice cream for a few weeks now. My ice cream maker has been neglected for far too long. Yesterday was the perfect day to whip up a base, freeze it in the machine, and have fresh ice cream for our floats. 

Except I didn't. 

I just didn't feel like it, ya know? Do you ever have days like that?

We almost always have ice cream in the freezer, but the little ones finished off the tub a couple nights ago. Leighton, as always, offered to stop at the store on his way home and pick up some.  

And instead of making the pop with our SodaStream like we often do, we used IBC - the very best root beer ever. 

Pretty much, this was just a super simple treat. Scoop and pour. No time spent making the ingredients; no messy dishes to clean up.

But it's ok.

I think they approved.

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