Friday, October 11, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 10/4/13

Jake (7½), Alyssa (5½), Zac (3½), Tyler (1½)

Happy Friday! I'm a week behind on my Smiles again. We have many reviews going right now as the year ends for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. School has kept us very busy the past couple of weeks. Good busy, but busy nonetheless. So, here are some of the things that made me Smile two weeks ago. Last week's will be up soon.

Have you been busy, too? What made you smile recently?

1. Jake, making up a joke: "Why didn't the phone work?"
Me: "I don't know. Why?"
Jake: "Because it was covered in foam! Get it?"
Me: ". . . Oh, I get it."
Jake: "But it just wasn't funny?"

2. Zac: "I have butterfly power!"
Me: "Ooh, what does that do?"
Zac: "It makes the bad guys have butterflies all over them."

3. Zac: "Alyssa, want to come play trains with me?"
Alyssa, coloring: "Wait until I'm done. D-U-N. Done."

4. Zac, about Tyler causing trouble: "You should put him in a big box! No, you should put him in jail. That would be good! . . . Aw, I love Tyler. You shouldn't put him in jail. Don't put him in any traps. Just leave him here with us."


6. Watching Alyssa help Tyler put his shoes on the wrong feet.

7. Zac, during dinner {leans over and whispers}: "I love you, Mommy. And I love your shirt. It's so beautiful."

8. Jake: "Sausage comes from pig. Let's get a pet pig!"
Alyssa: "Yeah, and after we kill it and eat the sausage, we can get another one!"

9. Zac, looking at his watch: "It's 100 o'clock."
Me: "Oh, no! I didn't realize it was that late. What should we do?"
Zac: "We should hurry up."

10. Zac, playing pirates and running around the house yelling: "My butt is on fire! My Butt is on fire!"

11. Jake, excitedly, right after waking up: "I finished another Magic Tree House book last night! I was just going to read 2 chapters, but then I thought 'this is getting really good,' so I just finished the book." (He had just started it that night, too.)

12. Jake, making up a joke: "Why was the man red?"
Me: "Why?"
Jake: "Because he read and read and read."

13. Me, after Alyssa told me a story about what happened at church: "So, you had a good attitude?"
Alyssa: "Yes. I made the right decision."

14. Me, whispering: "Mommy, loves you, Zac."
Zac, whispering: "Zachy loves you, Mom."

What made you smile?

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