Friday, April 11, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 4/11/14

Jake (8), Alyssa (6), Zac (4), Tyler (2)

Happy Friday! We spent some time this week reading through old blog posts and watching old home movies. The kids loved seeing how cute their younger selves were, and I enjoyed hearing their laughter. There was an abundance of Smiling this week. 

1. Zac: "Can I have some honeydude?" (honeydew)

2. Alyssa, as she was leaving, because Tyler was sick and staying home from church: "Don't forget to give Tyler vitamin C."

3. Zac: "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?"
Me: "The good news."
Zac: "The good news is that I love you. "
Me: "Aw, I love you."
Zac: "And the bad news is the Devil."

4. Watching Tyler sit on the couch and browse through a LEGO catalog.

5. Zac, holding the phone to my ear: "Now you have love in your ear!"
Me: "I do? Why?"
Zac: "'Cause I kissed the phone!"

6. Jake: "I want to play professional Uno."

7. I looked over and found that Tyler had pulled half the wet wipes from the container. He saw me and started pulling faster, of course. As I walked over to stop him, I said a bit sarcastically, "Oh, Ty, that looks like so much fun." He replied, "Yep."

8. Zac: "If I kiss you and you kiss me, we're married."

9. Zac: "We have so many Legos, we could make a whole entire world!"

10.Tyler dumped out all the toys, just so he could play in the box.

11. Zac: Mom, it's sweating in here!"

12. Jake, proudly: "Mom, I can fit a whole golf ball in my mouth! Wanna see?" 

13. Zac: "May I have a napkin, please?"
Jake: "You have pants for a reason."

14. Alyssa, after hearing a commercial about infertility: "We don't want another baby, right?"
Me: "Right . . . Unless God wants us to, then we will."
Alyssa: "Well, I don't think God wants us to."
Me: "Oh, yeah, and why's that?"
Alyssa: "'Cause he sees how much trouble Tyler is."

What made you Smile this week?
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