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Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo. When we had the opportunity for this review, I thought what a fun name! But what or who is Wizzy Gizmo. Actually, it's both. Let me explain. Wizzy Gizmo, as a who, is a genius. He's a world famous inventor and a Professor of Science and Technology at Sunnyville University. He spends his days making exciting gizmos. Most importantly though, he loves God and thrives on studying the Bible. That brings me to the what. Wizzy Gizmo is a Bible series for kids, including books, audio dramas, flashcards and more. These resources were designed to help parents and teachers "equip children for life by exploring God's Word." We reviewed the first book of the series Book One: Who Created Everything?.

This book, written by Chris Del Aguila and Justin Cummins follows the adventure of a group of kids (and some silly characters) and they learn about Wizzy's most significant invention: Gizmovision. This amazing device brings any book to life by transforming it into a life-like world inside a virtual bubble. Yo don't just see the story, but also touch, taste, feel, and smell it, like you were actually there. Which book is the first one they try out? Why, the Bible, of course.

Wizzy takes the kids--Summer, Thomas, Eli, and Olive--along with his friends Qwacky (his robotic duck) and Pepe (his talking pet dog) all the way back to the beginning of time. The group is there as God speaks the world into existence. They watch as the earth is formed, light is created, water is produced. The travel down into the depths of the ocean and far into deep space. They smelled the first sweet flowers, tasted the delicious fruits, and felt the cool grass on their feet. They watched as sea and air animals--dolphins, jellyfish, eagles, ducks--were given life. They played with the beasts of the earth, cattle, and creeping things, like lions, elephants, snakes, ladybugs, and frogs. They were in awe as they witnessed God form dust of the ground and breathe life into Adam and as He formed Eve from a rib bone.

I used this story as a read-aloud with my kids (8, 6, 4). They were immediately drawn to it because it is about the Bible. They had fun remembering what was made on each day of Creation before we read about it. I had planned to read just a couple chapters the first day, but the chapters are short and the kids begged for more. Two chapters turned into three, three into four, and before I knew it, they had managed to convince me to read the entire book all in one sitting! The story itself is less than 50 pages, but it is mostly text. The pictures that are there are mostly incorporated into it, like ocean and space backdrops. The book will most appeal to ages 4-12. It was simple for my 8-year-old to read. He actually read 2 of the 7 chapters (which is how he conned me into finishing it all at once!) Altogether, it took the 2 of us just over an hour to read the story and discuss it.

There are vocab words in bold print throughout the book along with a list of the words and their definitions in the back. The Scripture verse woven in the story are taken from the NAS. Instead of reading from the book, we kept a KJV open to Genesis chapter 1 and read the verses from there.

Who Created Everything? costs $12.99 and is the first in the series. My kids enjoyed this book and asked to read the next one.

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