Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alyssa Turns 6-and-a-half!

We've been celebrating half birthdays for 4 years now. The kids get just as excited about adding that half as they do when they turn another year older. We make it special by allowing the half-birthday-er to make meal and activity choices throughout the day. And, of course, we always make some sort of cake, usually cupcakes. Then we end the day with a small gift.

So, even though Alyssa is now technically 6-and-three-quarters, haha, here is how we celebrated her half birthday 3 months ago.

The celebrated child almost always picks pancakes for breakfast.

I know I'm a little partial, but isn't she a pretty little girl?

This time, it was chocolate chip pancakes with homemade maple syrup and candy-coated chocolate chip sprinkles.

And some butter, for good measure.

Alyssa had gotten a princess cupcake kit. Her half birthday was the perfect time to put her baking skills to the test.

I stood back and took pictures while she did all the work.

Of course, decorating the cupcakes was the best part! She and her brothers were very meticulous as they added the icing and "pearl" sprinkles.

They even made specific cupcakes for each member of the family.

I made sure that Tyler's were topped with less icing than the others. Because everyone knows, that boy does not need extra sugar!


Alyssa also got to go to the store with her daddy to pick out a gift. Normally, I purchase something for them to unwrap that day, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. When that's the case, they always pick the same thing: Lego. She chose 2 Lego Mixels and was very excited to show them to her brothers. It was a great end to a great day.

Happy Half Birthday, my sweet girl! We're so proud of the little lady you're growing up to be.

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  1. The cupcakes are beautiful, you did a great job, Alyssa.