Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Word of the Year: 2015

In case you didn't notice above I'll give the heads up right away. This is not Erika. I know, I know, it's irregular for me to write anything for the blog that was my idea in the first place. Let's get past that and move on, okay, I'm writing a post. Erika mentioned to me a few weeks back that she was going to do a "Word of the Year" post for 2015, and then she told me her word and I thought that was pretty cool. Then a word popped in my head that explained exactly what I need to be doing this year. I thought, 'Hmmm, maybe I need to make a word for the year.' Which didn't seem like a bad idea. Then I thought, 'Maybe I should write a post about it, too. Wait, I don't do well with post writing.' I now refer you to my, 2+ years in the making, post on our original visit to The Henry Ford. So it came down to, 'Well, the post will be a good first step in the right direction in fulfilling my word of the year.'

So, here is my first step in the right direction...

You see if you came to our house and took a good look around you'd notice a few things.

1. I like to do things myself. I have the mentality, 'Why pay someone else to do something I can do myself?' It saves me money in some places and teaches me lots in all. I enjoy creating things and am proud of the stuff I know how to do on my own.

...but you'd also notice...

2. I don't finish the things I do myself, very often. (the very often part of that statement is said very quietly because its not often at all...) I don't know. I just don't ever complete it. It's not that I don't 'want' to. It's just each project gets to a point where it is functional and I move on.

We have a number of unfinished items in our house:

Alyssa's doll house is still in two halves and the roof is 'removable' for easier second floor play, right? I didn't paint it so she could use her imagination as to what it ought to look like each time she plays with it. Good variety. (Insert sarcastic emoticon here)

Our attic ladder is still natural wood in color and has a somewhat large gap going around it for 'adequate ventilation' in the summer. Not to mention the stripped drywall paper layer from me learning the lesson about how to properly break and removed drywall. (Maybe we can discuss that another day. It's something I already knew.)

A more recent project was removing the old caulk from around the bathtub and put in new so it would look better, the last guy wasn't very tidy about it. This was supposed to be done before Nicholas was born. The old stuff is gone and a quarter of the new is in place. Then Nick was born, the day I was working on it no there it sits.....uncomplete.

Then there is the cabinets. This is the big one. A few years ago, yes, years. Like multiple, more than three. We added cabinets along a bare wall in our kitchen. This gave Erika more space to hold things and a little more counter space to work on. We got the bare wood ones, you know so I could paint them. The plan was for me to paint the new as well as the old white. I researched how to do it right, what paint was best and what method was going to make it look great. I even bought a brand new HVLP paint sprayer to do the work, and then I did... nothing. Did I mention we even picked a color? Cloud White. Yeah, everything is technically in place but the work.

So, here I am now with a ton of unfinished projects, more than the four I've mentioned, and a word popped into my head...


So here is my accountability, in 2015 I am going to focus on finishing the projects that I have started over the past few years. That's not to say I won't start some new ones and leave them unfinished. ;)

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