Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 3/20/15

Jake (9), Alyssa (6½), Zac (5), Tyler (2½), Nicholas (3 months)

Happy Weekend! I am thankful this week is over. Our family almost never gets sick. This week, all the kids, (except the baby, thankfully) have been ill. It's so hard to see your children suffer. We're heading into this new week much healthier and ready for spring. We celebrated Alyssa's 7th birthday yesterday and are preparing for Tyler's 3rd in a couple days. There is much to Smile about.  

1. Me: "Remember the cantata at church?"
Zac: "Yeah, I love the cantata! It's filled with candy!"
Me: "That's piñata."

2. Alyssa hadn't been able to kiss Nicholas because she had been sick. Once she was better she asked him, "Do you need some kissies? I have a whole bunch for you!"

3. Zac, eating a piece of banana bread:"Did you notice you put chocolate chips in this?"


5. Zac: "What if there was a time called o'clock o'clock?"
Me: "That would be silly."
Zac: "Yeah, but it's not real, just like an old fairy tale."
6. Tyler, looking out the front window after the snow began to melt: "Look! The grass! I see the grass!"
7. Zac, eating dinner: "Mmm, this is good. High-five, Mom! Fist bump!"
8. Zac: "Do you want to play a board game?"
Alyssa: "But I'm not bored."
Zac: "But I am."
Alyssa: "Well, I can't play. They're for when you're bored. That's why they're called bored games."
What made you Smile this week?
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