Saturday, April 18, 2015

The First of the Year

The weather's been warming up and we've been itching to get out geocaching! (Not sure what geocaching is? Read this post.) We finally found the time to do that today. It was a beautiful day with a bit of a breeze. 

 The first cache of the year!

Those pesky April Showers left large swampy areas just off the path throughout much of the trail. We had to skip some of the caches because we didn't feel like swimming through the muck to find them. We were able to spot one of the skipped caches, but couldn't sign the log.

And what did we find once we got to dry land? A garter snake! The kids were fascinated watching their daddy pick it up with a stick to show them. Me? I stayed far away, to, uh, document it with pictures. Yeah.  

The kids took turns riding in the wagon and running down the trail. 

One of their favorite parts of caching is looking for items to trade. Alyssa found a pretty compact mirror that she quickly claimed and left a toy army guy in its place. Of course, the 2 pieces of the compact are already broken in two. Kids. She kept the pretty top portion and gave Jake the bottom. It's a 2-for-1 prize!

There are so many reasons to enjoy caching. Finding the caches, of course, spending time with the family, getting fresh air and exercise, finding items to trade, and the newest one: making shadow puppets!

Even though we couldn't find half of the caches because of the muck, we still had a fun first time out this year. I call that a successful trip!

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