Friday, May 22, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 5/22/15

Jake (9), Alyssa (7), Zac (5), Tyler (3), Nicholas (5 months)


Happy Friday! I hope you've had many reasons to Smile this week!

1. Jake, reading the Bible: "I think I know why girls are called women. Eve was taken out of the womb of Adam. Get it?"

2. Alyssa: "Isn't Nick just a bucket of cuteness?"
Jake: "Yep."

3. Jake, pointing to a large bruising bump on his forehead: "Look what Alyssa did."
Me: "What happened?"
Jake: "She threw a light saber at me."
Alyssa, defensively: "I said 'catch!'"


5. Me: "Alyssa, don't let Nick eat your Bible."
Jake: "Yeah, Nicky, the Bible doesn't taste very good."
Alyssa: "Yeah, even though it is the Bread of Life."

6. Me, reading a book: "She's eating a pizza."
Tyler: "Girls can't eat pizza."
Me: "They can't? Why not?"
Tyler: "They're bad."
Me: "Girl's are bad? Why?"
Tyler: "Because."
Me: "But Mommy's a girl."
Tyler: "Yeah, you're not bad."

7. Tyler, supposed to be taking a nap: "Mommy, I need new pants and a new shirt. They're all wet."
Me: "How did they get all wet?"
Tyler: "From my cup."
Me: "Your (sippy) cup leaked? How did that happen?"
Tyler: "Yeah. I spit it out on my clothes."


9. Tyler: "Can I have chocolate milk?"
Me: "We're out of chocolate."
Tyler: "But we have red ketchup. I love red ketchup and milk!"

10. Tyler always refers to robins as our state bird. "Look, Mommy, it's our state bird! Our state bird is looking at me. I want to play with our state bird. Our state bird is hopping away. Hey, state bird, come back! Mommy, our state bird flew away. We need to catch our state bird!" 

11. Tyler: "Mommy, you're skinny."

12. Jake: "Nicky's not allowed."
Me: "He's not?"
Jake: "No, 2's a couple, 3's a crowd, 4 is too many, and 5 is not allowed."

13. Jake, reading the Bible: "'And Adam knew his wife again.' I mean, really? Of course he knew her."

What made you Smile this week?

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